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More than 3 million smokers now vape, but 40% of the nation’s smokers have still never tried vaping. We are trying to change this image by sharing the life-changing public health benefits of vaping.

Our smoking cessation service on wheels travels across the UK, educating smokers on the evidence-based benefits of switching to vaping. We provide advice to people who are looking to quit smoking, sharing fact-based information, debunking myths and providing the tools to kick-start the all-important quit smoking journey.

Since 2016, we have helped over 48,000 smokers in the UK, and it is our mission to help thousands more make the switch for good.

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6th FEB - Loughborough


15th FEB - Rotherham


29th FEB - Northampton

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The Vaper Expo was an exciting time for the team, with hundreds of people stopping by the bus to see what we were all about.

Being at such a prevalent industry event is always a pleasure, but to be able to bring Project Vapouround to the visitors at this show was a special treat.



This was a great event as there were so many smokers who showed a real interest in wanting to quit and they were eager to have their vaping-related questions answered.

We even had a couple of paramedics who were occasional smokers but were more than happy to swap their cigarettes for vape kits.

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A community for people on their quit smoking journey. We hope sharing and receiving advice and tips from our growing community will help inspire and empower people on the all-important quit smoking journey.

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