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Project Vapouround travels all over the UK, visiting towns, cities and events to spread the word about smoking cessation.

If you’re interested in visiting the bus or utilising our smoking cessation service, browse through our upcoming events and meet us in one of the upcoming locations.

Upcoming events

may, 2024

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Gainsborough Christmas Lights

The people of Gainsborough must have felt Christmas had come early when Project Vapouround rolled into town, spreading cheer and the good word of vaping as it went.

Countless smokers looking to quit hopped on the bus during the event and the team did its best to help each and every one of them.



This was a great event as there were so many smokers who showed a real interest in wanting to quit and they were eager to have their vaping-related questions answered.

We even had a couple of paramedics who were occasional smokers but were more than happy to swap their cigarettes for vape kits.



The Vaper Expo was an exciting time for the team, with hundreds of people stopping by the bus to see what we were all about.

Being at such a prevalent industry event is always a pleasure, but to be able to bring Project Vapouround to the visitors at this show was a special treat.


Leicester Pride

We were at Victoria Park to help smokers at Leicester Pride make the switch to vaping.

It was busy from start to finish and with over 10,000 visitors, there wasn’t a minute to sit down. The bus was packed full of attendees who wanted to find out what was onboard our iconic double-decker.

IMG_3648 2-min

Derby Pride

Despite the scorching weather on the hottest day of the year, thousands of people showed up in their vibrant outfits, undeterred by the extreme heat.

We chatted with several individuals who were trying to quit smoking and move towards vaping, and we were happy to offer them resources and guidance to help them on their quit-smoking journey.


Crooked House Festival

With a makeshift beach to one side of us and a circus-esque tent on the other, a steady stream of festivalgoers clad in glitter and neon leotards began flocking to the bus.

One woman, who had been smoking for 40 years, tried her very first vape and ended up leaving with several devices after an informative conversation regarding the benefits of the cessation tools.


Warwickshire Pride

The seven-hour event was a showcase of love and incredible talent, kicking off with a parade through Royal Leamington Spa and finishing at the Pump Room Gardens, our location for the day.

One man visited Project Vapouround in hopes of making the big switch. He was ready to stop smoking after 20 years, but just didn’t know where to start. We supplied him with leaflets, resources and a new vape device of his own to help him start his journey to the finish line.


Dog Lovers Music Festival

The Project Vapouround team set out to provide those attending the three-day dog-friendly festival with a smoke-free alternative.

We met numerous individuals on their journey from smoking to vaping. We know that drinking can sometimes be a trigger to smoke, so it was very rewarding to help people tackle those temptations by providing advice and free smoke-free samples.

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